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Triangles of Light


Our Background

How We Got Here

More About Us:

As Healers, it is our passion to guide and support people on their journey. The shift from heavy energy to a lighter energy is evident when we gather to deliver messages during a reading. We trust in Spirit as they guide us on the delivery of our messages, always for your greatest and highest good. We leave you with the validation that you have truly connected with your loved ones in Spirit.

Being connected to spirit and understanding spirit are 2 very different things. We have always been connected to spirit in one way or another, however, it wasn’t until studying under our mentor, Aboriginal Spirit Talker Shawn Leonard, that we truly came to realize the intricate ways that we are all connected. Through 3 years of continued learning in Spirit Talker Tribe with Shawn Leonard, we have truly come to understand the different languages of Spirit.

As Psychic Mediums, Spirit Talkers, Anne, Elaine and Vanessa do both individual and group readings. All of our messages come from a space of love and light and are for the greatest and highest good of the participants. As one on one Readers, we each have our own strengths and unique abilities. When we come together in the Triangles of Light as group readers, our connection is strengthened by our trust in one another and our guidance from spirit. The energy in the room is incredible.

When we connect as psychic mediums to your past loved ones, we provide the messages that Spirit has guided us deliver to you, bridging the gap between your grief and your journey to healing. Messages received during these readings is where the healing begins.

Readings are confidential and the information received during our time with you may only be shared with your permission.

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